Coiled Sanity

My chains
No less binding
Being made of gold
Rather then silver
Each link forged
With a diamond clasp
Evil tainted
An object
A possession
For you.
Like a fool
I thought.....
You said I was special
You said there was no other
You said
So many things
Half lies
I never knew
Which man I would see
Easy going
Full of laughter
Snarling with disbelief
At my so called stupidity.
What did I do?
To make you a monster?
Where am I lacking?
For you to have fallen out of love?
My heart breaks.
My silence grows.
Into it.....
Your melodious voice
Digging beneath my skin
My sanity
Fills the empty hours
Vile words
Until I am no more
A bloody mess knelt before.....
Vacant eyes
Your mouth
So busy were you
Slashing at me
Swords of words
You failed to see supper's new ingredient.
They will say it was justified.
They will say it could have had no other outcome
Unless it was I
Who had ended up dead.

Dec. 29/22

My Lady of Myth

Merry Met Lady
Whence from came you?
Who the hell are you talking to?
Are you a fool?
Can you not ascertain my privilege
My right…..
To rob
All that I can see
For none dare stop me.
I build monasteries
To see them fall.
I carve nunneries
To house the women of the night.
I have founded countries.
I have destroyed others
Leaving not even a dust mote
No one knows the terror I wrought.
I stalk the nights.
I blend during the daylight.
None know of me
Other than as a nightmare
A myth spoken of under cover of bed
A tale of terror
Used to frighten children
When really
It should be you
Who fears me.
©Nov. 10/22
Picture via Pinterest
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