Untitled 2

With desperate breaths,
fear tinged escape
running through the bleakness
a landscape shrouded in darkness.
Hands before me
scared of what is in front
terrified of what is behind.
Thorns grab my hair,
my clothes,
pinning me to the spot
to this time.
A sliver of line
seen on the horizon
a day that brightens the night
and in morning’s warmth
the demons hid once again.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
January 15/17

Part 3

Time has come
for that part of her
so long hidden
to come forth.
To find within
the ability to forgive.
Forgive herself
for not believing,
for denying,
for crushing her own dreams.
To find within
the ability to love herself.
To care for herself.
To heal herself.
She kneels,
head bowed,
ready to begin.
And within
the chest stirs the heart
the innocence of a child.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
January 14/18

Part 2

Dark night skies.
Her home within a dream,
laying alone in the stream
life slowly ebbing away.
Tears crystallize,
seeping from her lids
no one is there to hold her
no one will ever know.
Moving within herself
gathering the smallness
pulling it away from harm.
Locking it,
chain bound the chest
and throw away the key.
Horror and fear
all come her way
but she is not able to feel
moving within a listless fog
asleep more than she is alive.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
January 13/18

Part One

Glancing back
catching a glimpse of a towheaded child
struggling to contain her tears,
for none are there to help her.
Standing tall and strong
ignoring the pain she found
her hurts mirrored by all.
She is not special
no one notices the small ghost
moving through the crowds.
Scars etched with acid on her soul.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
January 12/18

Untitled 2

Crimson snow 

demons gorging on frozen flesh.

Eyes that watch,

mouth open in silent howl

as I feel the destruction take place.




These chains

I have bound myself with

cannot be broken.

Will never be unlocked.

For as they feast upon my emotions

I become a shriveled husk.

©Jay-lyn Doerksen

Dec. 8/17


Behind this facade
of dancing eyes
and brazen smiles
hides sadness and tears.
Guilt unacknowledged
rage never released.
A desire,
nay a need,
to obliterate
to keep me from seeing
the truth hidden in my past.
of lies and abuse
that must be faced
and purged.
I have ceased to be.
I must reclaim
a life that is so askew.
Straighten about my path
and discard the crutch I carry.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
December 31/17

The Cage

This rusted iron cage

the only home I have known

no comfort

only cold disregard

of my lying ways.

Logic has no need here

only emotions

hold control and even though

those voices whisper contempt

I ignore it all.

Edges softened to crimson

shadows bleed through

and the horror of my truth

burns brightly in this darkness.

I spin around

copper strands wrapping

and I reach above

stretching thin

until I reach the edge

and pull myself forward.

I slip between the bars

and take a step back

suddenly it is at my feet

a small rusted cage

no bigger than my heart.

Jay-lyn Doerksen

December 30/17