Knock on Wood

I don’t want to get excited or anything but hey I am going on week two of being pain free.
I mean there are twinges but nothing at like the 24/7 pain that I lived with from Mid-Dec right on up to two weeks ago.
And it really really has affected my life.
So knock on wood that this no pain is a sign that going forward things are going to head back into the normal range.
Does anyone else knock on their head when they say knock on wood but there is no near wood?
Or is it just a weird thing my family does?
I find it hard to believe but stranger things have happened.
I am moving at my normal warp speed again.
I do not move slowly.
I am incapable of it.
When I have to slow down to walk with a customer I would be better off either holding onto their cart so I maintain their slow slow turtle pace or get down on my knees.
That will slow me down somewhat I am thinking.
Yesterday I made another realization.
The tingling in my right arm when I would bend from the waist to pick something up or putting stock out has disappeared.
I had bent over to pull the fire stick (do not get me started) plug out so the remote would work and when I stood back up I realized no tingling sensation.
Wohoo for that one.
Also yesterday I felt like I was on a yo-yo.
Beginning today we begin to wear black tee shirts.
We are a proud sponsor of the Canadian Olympic Team.
How super cool is that?
So we have displays that need to be put up around the store.
And I had been asked to help in between orders.
I pulled my first two orders and went to help.
Built a few of the displays and said never again.
I don’t care how nice they ask me I do not do decorating.
You know what I do do though?  (he he he he )
I have an eye and can place things.
So in between being paged to the front and running to check orders and helping out in the till I would pop back see what they had done direct a few changes and run off again because I was being paged.
I wonder today I am going to try to keep track of how many times I am paged.
I am thinking that being Jay takes a special amount of patience.
I get paged to customer service.
Talk to the customer and I am going off to check on the product.
As I am walking back I get paged to customer service again.
So I pulled out my phone called the person who had paged me for the second time in under three minutes for the same person and told them I was helping the customer.
Later I went up to check for orders told them I would be back as soon as I printed my order.
This is not click and print.
This is open Explorer.
Click on Favorites and scroll down to my link.
Sign In.
Open up and damn someone else copied and pasted…..
Shrink window.
Open file on desk I need.
Open 2nd file.
Open third file.
Reopen window.
Open order.
Paste info in for cc.
Everything is now there and I can print.
Close out.
Grab order from the printer in Manager’s office.
Back down I go.
I am literally rounding the corner when I am paged by the same individual that I had told I was going to go and print the order off.
Did I mention I have to walk to the back of the store and up a flight and a half stairs.
As I went around the corner of her divider I hissed that it was no easy feat to print order off.
At one point I had just gotten upstairs when I was paged.
Rather irritably I snapped I am not coming down.
No way jose.
The two people in the office laughed as I stood up and headed back downstairs.
Some days it feels like all I hear is my name overhead.
And contrary to popular belief having people scream your name over and over is not as wonderful as they make it look in the movies.
And no one is giving me any adulation when I appear to assist.
No camera lights flashing.
Ah well I suppose that just means I am only a star in my own mind.
Have a great day people!
Smile and laugh so much easier than anger and fretting.
But who am I to give advice?
Just be You!
More advice but the best ever in my opinion.
©May 6/21
Pictures are my own

Is it Me?

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I love my coffee.
In fact I am quite the snob in that I grind my own beans.
I use flavored coffee creamer.
International Delight Double Double.
Or I did until yesterday.
First off I slept passed 7 on a Sunday.
Made my coffee looking over the cleanliness of the apartment and am content.
I cleaned and moved things around this weekend.
Pour my piping hot coffee settle on the couch and take my first sip.
My forehead creases as I get a wee aftertaste.
Not enough to make me go ugh but enough to make me notice it.
Okay maybe I did not put enough coffee in.
There was no way that I was drinking that cup.
I ended up dumping coffee and making a second pot.
Same thing still have this funky aftertaste so am thinking that my coffee has gone off.
Dump out the coffee.
Run over to Tim’s and get myself a fresh bag of ground coffee.
Come home and make another pot.
Still the aftertaste and lightbulb goes off.
Maybe it is the cream?
I have two bottles so I decided to open up the other one and try.
Still have the aftertaste.
By now I am worried that it is me.
Is this a new thing?
Am I never going to be able to drink coffee again?
Decided that I was going to have another cup of coffee and use milk this time to color it.
Hesitantly took a sip (I mean coffee is the nectar of the gods and if I had to forsake it there were going to be serious consequences) and thankfully nirvana filled my mouth.
Now I know there are a lot of you shaking your head like what the hell Jay?
Do most normal people not check the cream before going to such extremes?
Have you met me?
I mean in my mind not only did I not just buy said cream I have never had a problem.
Two bottles as well.
What are the odds?
I have dumped the cream out and am taking both bottles back for a refund.
I don’t ever return things but this is a case where I cannot use and it is not the same as a liter of table cream going bad.
These creamers cost $6.00 a container.
See I am a snob.
This passed week was a really decent week for me.
WordPress cheered me on each day I posted by letting me know I was on a streak.
Which did not last through the weekend.
More so because of the cleaning and moving and needing to relax after.
My shoulder is doing really well.
I have energy.
I have been soaking almost nightly in a hot tub at night to help relax muscles.
I added 9000 mg of raw herb in powder form of Tumeric.
It is to naturally help with pain and inflammation of the joints.
Have been taking it for almost a month.
One pill a day.
I have also been ensuring that at work I am using my left arm to do all the heavy work.
I kinda have to given that last week I tried to lift a 4lt jug of milk over my head using my right arm and nearly dropped it.
I now feel though that I can begin the rebuilding of the area without causing any additional pain to myself.
Lastly I was in a till on Friday and being my usual cheerful self.
Although with the lessening of pain I am even more exuberant in my cheerfulness as I am not rocking pain.
Chit chatting with my customers.
Enjoying my day.
I am serving one of my regular customers.
Asked him where his glasses are.
He is flummoxed that I recognize him with his mask on and no glasses.
As he left he said something that I have never heard at least not applied to me.
“If everyone was as happy as you are there would be no wars in this world.”
Now if that ain’t a tag to try and live up to.
But I am willing to give it a shot.
Spread happiness and joy.
Curb the negativity and glee in beating another person/community/nationality etc to the ground.
Curb the desire to rule everyone and everything in one way and one way only.
Curb the destruction of our Mother Earth.
I know that those are pipe dreams.
But they are my pipe dreams.
Pipe dreams are totally opposite of pipe bombs I am not advocating those.
But pipe dreams…..
Maybe we should all strive to lay a better pipeline to life.
©May 3/21
Pictures are my own