Sweet Release

Pretty please
I promise
I will not walk this route
Passed that house on the corner
Where boys and girls
Ready to assault
Just about anybody
Foolish enough to walk by.
Hellish smiles
Dancing over blue lips
Blackened eyes
White face
They were not ready
To meet the ghouls
They daeed pretend they were.
Sidle behind
Cold fingers pierce
Rasped tongue flicks ear
Shudder in place
Low chuckle deep in the ear
Turn to see
To peer
My sister and me
Fading into the shadows.
They sacrificed a kid
Bleating for its dame
Screaming with frvefish delight
As blood fronds the air.
Needle sharp
Nails filed
Weapons of choice
Skwer their souls
Pull them through
Feed upon
Gaining in strength
Stealing from them
The darkness
The rage
The fear
The pain
Release them from the chains.

©June 9/23
Picture via Pinterest
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