Some Things Never Change

On Sunday I met with three girl friends for breakfast in the city. There should have been 4 of us but H2 had had to work the night before and was unable to make it.

Two of them, C and H, we have been friends since we were 11 years old. The other C2 joined the party in high school. H2 I have known since elementary school.

It was an awesome time and we have made plans to go again on Feb. 12th.

As we were sitting there I was yammering away when suddenly I stopped and in puzzlement asked:

Was I the one who did all the talking back then too?

To which both C & H emphatically announced that yes I talked all the time back then as well. I laughed because really while things change some things never will.

Sacred Soul Emerging

I feel put together
patchwork pieces
loose threads binding
the outer shell
shown to the world
begins to fall
as I embrace
I feel myself splitting
from fearful
always questioning
third eye seeing
all hidden
for I felt I fell short
of what?
Only I know
and I am not divulging that secret
not quite yet.
I am strength.
I am wisdom.
I am a woman.
No one will take from me…..
my being,
my heart,
my soul,
for I am a woman who knows….
my worth,
my dreams,
my needs,
my desires…..
nevermore shall they be buried
beneath shifting sandbars
but the foundation upon which I stand
reaching skyward
not looking down
not seeking approval
for this is my life
to live my way
in my truth
now and for always.
©July 4/22
Picture via Pinterest
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