Funny Things

Compliments are funny little things.

Some are backhanded.

Some are buried beneath layers of criticism.

Some are about how one looks.

Some are about ideas you share.

And some, such as the one I just received, will forever more be the compliment that I hold myself to.

I was just told that my soul shines bright. Illuminating me.

That means despite all I have found my peace. I may get rattled and stumble out of sorts. I may for a moment berate myself for a perceived lapse but I am at peace.

There are still shadow parts of me that need work.

Anger. Disgust. Need to avenge self when someone screws with me. Not the pretty parts.

But each time I become aware of them I shy away at first but I know I have to face them and come to terms with them.

Today though I am letting my soul shine bright.

Sacred Soul Emerging

I feel put together
patchwork pieces
loose threads binding
the outer shell
shown to the world
begins to fall
as I embrace
I feel myself splitting
from fearful
always questioning
third eye seeing
all hidden
for I felt I fell short
of what?
Only I know
and I am not divulging that secret
not quite yet.
I am strength.
I am wisdom.
I am a woman.
No one will take from me…..
my being,
my heart,
my soul,
for I am a woman who knows….
my worth,
my dreams,
my needs,
my desires…..
nevermore shall they be buried
beneath shifting sandbars
but the foundation upon which I stand
reaching skyward
not looking down
not seeking approval
for this is my life
to live my way
in my truth
now and for always.
©July 4/22
Picture via Pinterest
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