Sat above the world
staring at the streets below
who drives
who walks
who talks
who thinks about the world around
more than their own existence?
Time has come
there is no miracle to be found
there is no magic wand
there is no mystical chant
that is going to erase
the damage that has been done
upon the psyche of the earth.
Species doomed
wiped out
men who still hunt
who still murder
endangered animals
to appease the greed of those
who believe
as idiots do
that there is something that will make them better
that will make them stronger
make them more virile
when in reality
they are a nightmare wrapped in luscious silken robes.
floating in our oceans
our seas
found in the bellies of beached whales
war may be fought over a garbage mound
when will it all be caught?
Sat upon the world on high
tears fall
rain upon the heads of those below
bewildered as the night is clear
the stars agleam
while I sit
lost in sorrow
in regret
for there shall be no mistaking
the death of the world as it is known.
Replaced with…..
who with subtle manners
will tear this world apart
dooming it
dooming mankind
to certain death.
©May 2/19
Picture via Pinterest found for me by The Eclectic Contrarian