I Give Up

Time has come
excise my demon
excise the dreams
excise the fingerprint you have left
etched into my soul.
I give up.
There is no more…..
no more trying
no more helping
no more reaching
I give up.
Dreams become illusions
illusions become dreams
is going to come true.
When you are the one
pull me close
push me away
what should I fucking do?
I give up.
Ripped apart
oh my god.
I guess there is nothing
nothing I can say

that won’t be

turned against me.

Screw you…..

Fuck you…….
I Give Up.
©April 20/19
Picture via Pinterest found by The Eclectic Contrarian.

Now & Forever

Feeling the brush of your lips
against the side of my neck
your hand holding my hair
caught tight in your fist
I tremble.
Desire flooding my body
worst kind
still I want you
your hands
body pressed to mine.
Teeth nipping sensitive skin
fingers digging
struggling to keep them from you
not wanting to give in
fighting to control
knowing that I cannot.
I am powerless.
Flash that smile
chocolate eyes melting
I will fall to my knees
head bent in submission
your voice curls
thick with passion
unable to stand
you have me at your mercy.
I am writhing.
I am yours.
Forever more.
©April 20/19
Picture via Pinterest and found by The Eclectic Contrarian.
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